Connecting the immeasurable with the measurable


Companies worldwide are struggling to find a way to reach their audiences both internally and externally. In their endless pursuit to get the numbers right, many companies have forgotten that nobody wants to feel like a number.

My name is Beth Ann Hooper and I am an English native speaker with 25 years' experience in international business communications. I am also a writer, poet and movie producer and I help companies reach their audiences by bringing the immeasurable back to boardrooms and the workplace. 

Because the measurable may count on Wall Street, but the immeasurable matters on Main Street.

My company, Tower of Babel Communications and Publications, is a full-service communications and publications company that specializes in:

  • Online and offline strategic communications advisory services, especially for bilingual companies where English and Dutch are used
  • Ghostwriting services from technical to corporate communications
  • Communications and media training